Blog: The Incredible Impact of Parents Who Persevere


This is the tale of two dads.

Week on week, these two dads bring their sons to our football sessions. Their little ones started just shy of one years old, hardly able to focus for a mere second. I saw their moments of frustration as their tots ran off with the ball, planted their bums on the floor in protest or did the opposite of what I was teaching them to do. But these dads always persevere.

🙂 They give countless high-fives.

🙂 They sigh some but smile and encourage their children way more.

🙂 They get down on their knees and do the activities when their kids don’t want to cooperate.

🙂 They bend over, hold their hands and run with them as their tots learn to dribble the ball.

🙂 They hold them in their arms and run with them when their tots are too tired to run.

🙂 They celebrate every goal, every bettered skill and every glimmering smile on their toddler’s face.

Their perseverance has made ALL the difference.

Their little ones have grown in strides. Their skills, confidence and ability to follow the routine amazes me every time. Their interactions with their teammates is beyond adorable. Their bond with their dads is heartwarming!

Through perseverance, there is no limit to what toddlers can learn!

Yet again, we are inspired to keep teaching these tots in partnership with their wonderful parents.

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