Blog: The Undeniable Benefits of Playing Sports With Your Kids

A good game of footie is enough to ease the stress of the week.

Even more so, a bunch of giggles and a truckload of joy during a football class with your toddler, is more than enough to make you completely forget the things that annoyed you (including the things said toddler did) that week.

Sport just is incredible in so many ways, but since we’re at it, here are five reasons why everyone and their kids should play sport….

🏃The endorphins released while playing sport are similar to those you get after eating your favourite dessert!

🏃Sport with your kid is very physical and kids THRIVE off of the intentional, loving physical touch of their parents.

🏃Sport offers quick wins, whereas life doesn’t always. Like the goal your little one scores or the bright smile on his face as he evades the crocodile that is trying to capture his tail.

🏃Two birds with one stone: your toddler burns energy in time for a nice, long nap and you lose a stone after 10 weeks of running after him hehe. Get it? :p

🏃Exercise is just really good for your health and your little one’s health and sport is essentially play so you’re doing many excellent things all at once.

Help us add to this list. We know there are many other reasons. Tell us what you love about sports in the comments.

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