Coach Bianca, Wobble and Kick Director and Head Coach

Coach Bianca started Wobble and Kick in 2017 when her first child was born and she grew it to 11 successful and vibrant venues in London up to March 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. She has not moved to Somerset and carried her passion for coaching little ones with her.

She has a Level 2 FIFA Football Coaching Certificate and has played semi-professional football for over 12 years, for her country’s national under-21 team, a Division One university in America and more recently AFC Wimbledon and QPR Ladies. She’s also a mother to a four year old and a two year old who are involved in the sessions. In addition to her love for football and teaching children, she is a passionate storyteller, community builder and wannabe comedian.

What’s more, coach Bianca has experience coaching 4-12 year olds with the AFC Wimbledon Foundation and loves coaching kids more than she could imagine. She loves helping little ones develop into strong, agile athletes and confident children. At the end of each term she has this indelible feeling of taking the mini team that developed so spectacularly and signing them up for the Toddler Premiere League (sadly there isn’t one).

One of the coolest things parents tend to say about coach Bianca is that she’s a great example of an inspiring female athlete and a role model to both girls and boys who want to be get into football and sport.

One mum said: ‘Coach Bianca is very engaging and such a professional. Instilling great techniques and practices from an early age. She’s a great role model.’

Bianca has designed and tested all of the activities that form part of the Wobble and Kick sessions and is dedicated to training coaches who are fully committed to helping children learn, grow and have great fun. When hiring coaches she spends a lot of time talking about the Wobble and Kick ethos and learning about the desires and motives of the coaches and is confident that the coaches she chooses will give their whole heart in leading children and their parents in learning football. 


Want to coach for Wobble and Kick? We have one of the best hourly rates and we plan the sessions around your schedule and location!

We have a demand for new venues so are always looking for new preschool football coaches. Get in touch if you are:
* Free during the week before 5pm and/or on Saturday mornings
* Live in London
* Have experience playing football/ sport OR have a Level 1 FIFA coaching license
* Love working with pre-schoolers and don’t mind acting a bit weird to make them laugh
Email Bianca at if you’re interested in joining the team.