FIVE Great REasons to choose wobble and Kick for your weekly toddler (1-4 YEAR OLD) activity…

🙂 We teach actual football skills (not just agility), which means your toddler will be challenged to develop complex motor skills.
🙂 We use puppets, imaginary play, rhymes and lots of encouragement to successfully get toddlers with a range of personalities to focus, follow instructions and learn difficult things.
🙂 Our use of repetition, creativity, momentum and teamwork has helped toddlers learn to walk, speak their first words and develop confidence. 
🙂 We are avid believers that toddlers can learn whatever you teach them. They are amazing and we teach them in a way that always challenges their learning and abilities. 
🙂 The Director and Head Coach, Bianca has played for her country, Division One for Rice University in the US and in the UK Women’s Premiere League for QPR. She’s experienced, qualified and extremely passionate about preschool education (she has two toddlers) and has designed a unique, exceptional session plan that is proven to successfully teach children important skills. 

 Starts in mid-January for 10 weeks, excluding Half Term.
TRIAL FEE  £30 for a three week trial
TERM FEE £85 for 10 weeks or £9 pro rata if you join after the start of the term.

Turn mobile sideways and use the ‘more’ filter to find classes in your area. If there is a waiting list, please join it as there will be spaces in the next few weeks.